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Over 20 Years of Construction and Permitting Consulting

Florida Land Use Consultants, Inc. is a leading construction and permitting consulting firm, with over 20 years of experience in South Florida.  Our talented and diversified team can assist with all aspects of pre-planning strategies, pre-submittal and multi-submittal packages, thus resulting in timely and cost effective projects. We will be there throughout all phases of your project, from acquiring all corresponding project license(s), to any and all inspection issues and final inspection for TCO or CO.

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At FLUC, we provide comprehensive inspection management services to ensure that your construction or remodeling project meets all relevant building codes and safety regulations. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to schedule inspections, prepare documentation, and address any issues that arise during the inspection process. We can help you navigate the complexities of the inspection process and ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.

Our contractor services are designed to provide you with the support and resources you need to complete your construction or remodeling project successfully. Whether you need help finding a qualified contractor, negotiating contracts, or managing your project, our team of experts can provide the guidance and support you need to get the job done right. We understand the challenges that contractors face and are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Our team, works with architects, engineers, contractors, and private homeowners.  Our range covers municipal work for cities, residential and commercial projects, such as shopping centers, night clubs, restaurants, retail and office remodeling and construction.

A few of our most recent projects include;
Porky’s Gym, D’Cata Wine Shop, Lowes Home Center, The Home Depot , Sears, Stir Moon Restaurant, Moon Thai Restaurant, Solis Resort & Spa Condo, Rowland Coffee, Doral Executive Arts Offices, Trump National Doral Golf Resort & Spa.

Obtaining a restaurant license in Florida can be a complex and time-consuming process. At FLUC, we can help simplify the process by providing you with the guidance and support you need to obtain your license quickly and efficiently. Our team of experts will work closely with you to navigate the application process, ensure that you meet all relevant regulations, and obtain the necessary permits and licenses.

Open permits can be a major headache for property owners and developers. At FLUC, we offer comprehensive open permit resolution services to help you resolve outstanding permits quickly and efficiently. Our team of experts will work closely with you to identify any outstanding permits, develop a plan to resolve them, and ensure that your project remains in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Planning a special event in Florida requires careful attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the regulatory landscape. At FLUC, we can help you navigate the complexities of the special event permitting process, obtain the necessary permits and licenses, and ensure that your event is safe and successful. Our team of experts has experience working with a wide range of special events, including concerts, festivals, fairs, and sporting events.

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How can we serve you?

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Open/Expired Permits

Project/Inspections Management

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Restaurant Licensing

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My name is Lazaro Martinez from Symmetry Construction Group. We are very pleased with the professionalism and efficiency this company has provided for us. FLUC is a great asset to our company.

Lazaro Martinez

Never had a problem with this permitting company always on point and fast too… One time there was a delay with my permit but I was keep inform why of the delays.(Delay was because of the city’s reviewer).

Danilo Arellano

They are very professional. From all types of licences to construction of any kind they cover all. Great service. Highly recommended.

Julia Fernandez

Great company. They resolved all of they permitting issues a customer of mine had. Thank you for all your help.

Ciro Miranda

Here’s what our clients say about us!

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