Open/Expired Permits

The firm is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of both property developers and homeowners, providing tailored solutions to each client. Our professional services cover every step of the planning process, ensuring that their clients are well-assisted at every point. Florida Land Use Consultants Inc. specializes in several areas, including land developments, local planning, Department of Environmental Resources, and operations such as building, licensing, permitting, and issuing certificates.

One critical area of expertise for Florida Land Use Consultants Inc. is managing Open/Expired Permits. Open permits are permits that have been issued but are still active and have not yet been finalized, while Expired permits are permits that have lapsed and are no longer valid. These permits can cause significant problems for property owners and developers, resulting in costly fines, legal action, and even the inability to sell or refinance the property.

We help clients to avoid issues by managing open and expired permits, offering services such as permit reissue and renewal, permit finalization, and expired permit checks. By providing clients with comprehensive support and assistance, Florida Land Use Consultants Inc. can help you to stay away of any unnecessary penalties and delays associated with open or expired permits, ultimately leading to a smoother and more successful project outcome.

We offer the following Open/Expired Permits:

  • Permit Reissue/Renewals
  • Permit Finalization
  • Expired Permit Check
  • Superseding Permits

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Our team of experts at Florida Land Use Consultants can help you become fully prepared and documented.