Our company provides E-Permitting and Electronic Plan Review solutions to contractors of all sizes, who lack the necessary software, hardware, or personnel to manage electronic permit processing. Our team possesses extensive experience and expertise in navigating the Electronic Permitting procedures of building departments that have already implemented electronic permit processing and plan review.

E-Permitting solutions are essential for contractors of all sizes in today’s increasingly digital world. These solutions allow contractors to efficiently manage the entire permitting and plan review process from start to finish, without the need for physical documents, in-person meetings, or other manual processes.

Enabling contractors to submit permit applications and plans electronically, reducing the need for paper documents, in-person visits, and manual processing times. The process is faster, more efficient, and more convenient for all parties involved, including the contractors, the building department, and the property owners. 

Electronic Plan Review prepare contractors to upload and share plans electronically, making it easy for building departments to review, mark up, and comment on plans in a digital format. This process reduces the need for physical copies, mailing, or manual processes, which can save contractors significant time and money. 

Improve your efficiency and productivity, reducing costs associated with manual processes, and ultimately, complete projects faster and more efficiently. These solutions are particularly beneficial for small contractors who may not have the resources to manage the permitting and plan review process in-house.

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