Zoning Hearings

The Bureau of Planning and Zoning is responsible for a variety of activities as it carries out its mission of providing direction for the future growth and development  – and redevelopment of  Miami Dade, Hialeah,Coral Gables, Miami Lakes, Miami Gardens, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood and surrounding Counties.. On any given day, staff in the cities can be working with a neighborhood group to resolve a particular issue or can be involved in the review of a major development proposal. In between those activities is time to do the analytical work that is generally associated with Planning, work that involves the collection and analysis of data that help tell the story about the current condition of the city and its people, and what challenges may lie ahead.

Well managed and healthy cities are the result of effective planning and decision making that takes into account the long term effects of those decisions and their potential impact on other aspects of the city. For example, a decision to build a new park or other community facility should consider not only the cost or the public’s desire for the facility, but should also take into account the specific needs of the community it is intended to serve; its impact on the surrounding neighborhood; and the ability to provide for its upkeep and maintenance. Zoning and land use decisions must take into consideration the impact that certain land uses will have on the city’s tax base as well as their impact on traffic, compatibility with surrounding areas and their impact on municipal services. The staff of the Bureau of Planning and Zoning, often working closely with other city bureaus help to make those determinations.