Business Licensing

In order to start, perform or conduct a business in the government’s jurisdiction, you must have a business license  issued by the government. Even a single jurisdiction will sometimes require multiple licenses from different government departments and offices.

These licenses and requirements are there not to gain money for the government but instead to protect the general public. These requirements protect the general public from businesses operating in inappropriate settings. For example an auto repair shop set up next to a school. Zoning laws prevent these occasions. Zoning laws divide cities and towns into residential, commercial, or industrial regions. These regions each allow different types of businesses to be made in those areas. You should closely examine the zoning laws and requirements before relocating or reconstructing. We will guide you through the proper zones to make your business in the right place.

Licensing is also required for professionals themselves, not only companies.  Professionals must demonstrate a certified level of training and education before getting licensed or acquiring a permit. We will help you acquire your licenses whether it’s local or state we’ll help you get the right paperwork completed and approved.

Here at Florida Land Use Consultants Inc. we can help you get your business started within the laws of Florida. We have helped many businesses in the past get where they needed to be. We aim for success in your business and won’t aim any lower!


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