Plan Consultants & Reviews

The permit process is used by the County to examine changes that property owners wish to make on or to their property, to provide feedback to the property owner, to ensure that the changes are consistent with neighborhood, community, and County goals, and to protect the interests of the property owner and all other affected parties.

Before a property owner in the County can make significant changes to either the character or the use of their property, Florida Land Use the permit running company must  do the proper process to legally “Be Permitted” by the appropriate authority. Miami Dade County, Hialeah, Coral Gables and surrounding Counties  is the appropriate authority within the Unincorporated Areas . This legal Permit Process is issued to the property owner when they obtain a “Permit” from the County — this permit is a legal document.

The County issues two general types of permits: Planning and Building. While there are several different subtypes of these two permits, generally a planning permit simply allows a property owner to do something on their property, while a building permit allows the County to track the progress of the work when the property owner actually makes the change.