Corporate Formation Services

Florida Land Use Consultants, Inc. provides excellent incorporation services. We’ll help you form your own corporation and make sure you have less rejections. We know what agencies look for and what they reject.  A corporation is the most effective way to start a business. Corporations have have the same legal rights as an individual does (except for voting and some other limitations). In order to have certain success and advantages, choose a State to issue a charter in.Charters are grants from the government or ownership rights in the land. Some States have different liberal corporate laws. Even private, small, or any kind of  corporations must follow these principles that govern corporations.

Requirements for Corporate Formation is a business name, directors, legal address of company, share par value, and officers. Many states require at least two or three parties to form a corporation, but not all have to be shareholders. Asking friends and family members to serve as officers is a great idea! If you are the only shareholder, you are the only one that will control the corporation’s activities.

As the incorporator for your company we will be preparing and filing the Certificate of Incorporation with the state. We take our knowledge and skills to give you the best possible results to build a corporation.

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